About Us


Charles and Jeanette Maresh opened the Maresh Funeral Home on St. Patrick Street in 1935. In 1948 they relocated to 803 Main Street where the Thronson Funeral Home had formerly operated. Mr. and Mrs. Maresh served Racine until 1972 when they sold the business to Thomas and Barbara Meredith. Tom previously served families for a period of 12 years at the Strouf – Sheffield Funeral Home in Racine. At that time the Meredith name was added and operated as Maresh-Meredith Funeral Home. Tom and Barbara had nine children and they were all active in one form or another with the business while growing up. Always having the utmost respect for the Acklams as good neighbors and competitors the Acklam Funeral Home in 1999 was acquired. The Acklam Family had a long history of serving Racine dating back to 1875. The Acklam addition gives a total span of service to Racine to over 130 years.


The original building was constructed in 1847. In about 1894 Dr. Julian R. Sims moved from Union Grove to Racine, opening an office at 827 Main St. Two years later he purchased the house at 803 Main Street as shown above as it appeared in 1898. In 1902 Dr. Simms sold the property to Dr. Clarenden Irving Shoop whose name was nationally known as the manufacturer of a widely advertised patent medicine. During Dr. Shoop’s residence, the house was extensively remodeled with the addition of a new front and a second story over the wings. In 1922 the house was sold and again remodeled to provide quarters for the Thronson Funeral Home. Shortly after their purchase of the building in 1948, Charles and Jeanette Maresh expanded by connecting the carriage house with the building and remolding it into a chapel. The Meredith family expanded the facility in 1995 to include the building at 811 Main and remodeled for handicapped accessibility.


The Meredith’s take pride in providing the Racine community the finest in funeral facilities. The stature and craftsmanship of the building along with the elegant and tastefully decorated interior lends to provide a dignified and comfortable atmosphere that is not found in homes built today. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our family funeral home, please call us for a tour at anytime.