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Todd Joseph Flashinski

May 1, 1977 - March 22, 2021
Franklin, WI


Life Story / Obituary


Todd Joseph Flashinski, 43, passed away in his sleep on March 22, 2021 from complications of pancreatitis. Todd was a wise, warm, funny, smart, and talented person. The greatest joy of his life was his beloved 20-year-old daughter, Arella. He was devoted to her from her birth on. Like Todd, Ella is also a very gifted artist and they shared their interest in art with each other. It is said that they were indeed kindred spirits. Todd, along with Ella’s mother, Michelle Warren, have been loving and supportive parents to her.

Todd was always a great student and received many art and academic awards from elementary school through high school. He graduated from Park High School with High Honors, and received an award for community service, participated in Student Government, and was voted Prom King in his senior year. Upon graduation, he was given a small scholarship to UW-Madison and was offered another scholarship from MIAD, but he decided instead to attend UW-Madison. He left college after a year to pursue his interest in freelance work with his art, photography, video, and computer interests. He was a true Renaissance man, studying the world, creating beautiful artwork, exploring ideas of the universe while holding on to a great sense of humor. He was an extremely kind man to friends and anyone in need.

He is survived by his mother and father, Stan and Linda Flashinski, his daughter, Arella Warren, her mother, Michelle Warren (Jordan Davis), his sister Rachel Weir, M.D., his brother-in-law, Peter Weir, M.D., his brother, Jeff Flashinski, M.S., his sister Brenda Van Caster (Fergus Daly). He was preceded in death by his sister, Jocelyn Flashinski. He is further survived by his nieces and nephews, Oscar Weir, Jack Weir, Ruby Weir, Fionnula (Fin) Daly. He is also survived by his dear friend, Dr. Michelle Zitzke (Jason) and Thia and Stella Zitzke, as well as numerous grieving cousins, aunts, uncles, and relatives and friends.

Todd is memorialized by so many, as in the words of his 20-year-old daughter Arella who wrote the following a week after his passing. “I think he was in the kitchen cracking jokes with us earlier today, but we just can’t see him in the same way as we used to. Yet if we look hard enough, we can see him in everyone and everything now.” Or, as his brother Jeff wrote, “I love you, Todd. You taught me so much. You showed me a different way of looking at the world and how to see things from other people’s perspectives. You were my idol. I love you and I will never stop missing you. I’ll see you when I get there.” Or as Michelle, Ella’s mother wrote, “Todd is, among other things, a brilliant artist. His greatest masterpiece, our daughter, is an eternal reminder of love, of creativity, of magic and beauty and presence of epic proportions. Love is something so divine that nothing, not even physical death, can take that away from us. Love is mending.”

Everyone says the same things about Todd – that he was sweet and unique and spiritual and talented and funny. He leaves behind his beautiful artwork, videos, photography, written work, and more.

The family will hold a memorial gathering in the coming months. We think that what he would most want done in his memory would be for others to perform some act of kindness for those in need. He was like that.

“Sail along, sail along silver moon

Don't be blue

Throw shadows in my room

I know in time we'll meet again

We come and go that way, my friend

It's part of me and part of you

I'll always be a part of you

- Neil Young